my little trick monkey

man, who has time for a blog being a mommy with two small kids?  it has been forever since i have journaled.  so i am continually amazing at each new trick my little joy masters.  even the smallest things bring a smile to my face like learning to wave bye,bye.  she can climb upstairs but also is able to climb downstairs because daddy one time taught her how to safely go backwards.  just yesterday you clap your hands when i cheer.  it truly is amazing that this little one can communicate with us when only 10 months ago she was crammed inside my belly.  she can point and grunt when she wants something.  she pulls my neck when she wants me to get up (so you really is the little trained monkey? =).  she is also very able to protest my decisions like squealing loudly when i attempt to stop her from bathing in the toilet. the ability to learn is a glorious thing.  and that it never ends.  it is beyond comprehension to think on all the things we know and still have the memory and capability to learn more.  God is such an awesome creator. 


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