12 Days til Living in the Camper

(I am posting this late since we are now 19 days into living in the camper) Another crazy Copeland adventure. So in 12 days we move out of our temporary housing (home was included in Jeremy’s pay for previous job) and into our camper trailer. We know that we would like to buy a house but nothing is on the market that feels like us. There are many that we could buy but we just don’t feel peace about any of them yet. We had one that we really liked but it went pending with another buyer and we are still waiting for loan approval.

I anticipate that the home we end up in will have an element of “wow”. It has been my prayer that I will wake up in my new home blown away that I live there and go to bed still in awe that this is our new home. This has been the pattern of our lives. A life theme verse for our family has been Ephesians 3:20 – “ Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us”. Translated into Kimi – “Are you kidding?!?! I can’t believe this is real. Mind blown!”

The house does not need to be perfect in order for it to be wonderful (stealing this from a fridge magnet that I got for Christmas from my son). There are some things we hope for: 3 or 4 bedrooms, a nice place to walk and ride bikes, and a cool nature element like awesome mountain views or trees etc.

The tricky thing is that I have the gift of positivity and can see the potential/good in almost anywhere so discerning a good fit is hard. So I am leaning more on Jeremy who can wisely sift through it all. I remember our last home buying journey. We ended up with the 4th house we put an offer on. But now looking back the 4th one was the best and we were relieved that we did not get those first 3. But in the process I was crushed and stressed. There were good things about each space but none compared to the home we actually bought. Jeremy did not have complete peace with the first 3 but went ahead and placed offers because that is what I wanted and he is a saint of a man and wants to see me happy. I think I cried when the first 2 offers failed.

The home we landed in was our very own Narnia. Looking at it you would have no clue of the magic until you walked through the door and out into the backyard. Our .69 of an acre opened up into our very own lush park. There were massive, mature trees. There were Maples, Bradford Pears, Pines, Crape Myrtles and a glorious, giant Magnolia that filled the air with a sweet aroma every year. The back deck was almost the length of our home, multiplying our living space for outdoor dining and homework/office space. There was a quaint bridge over a small creek that led to wild blackberries and raspberries. There was space for Jeremy to build a large above ground pool with a huge deck. He also built an adorable she shed/office. We had swings hanging from the huge maples and a trampoline near a type of Magnolia that gave unreal purple blooms twice a year.

In the summer the forest behind our property would be speckled with illuminated fireflies. An abandoned tree in this forest housed a raccoon family. This was one of the many treasures of Covid as we would eat dinner on the back patio deck and coo over the rascaly baby raccoons dangling precariously out of the top of the hallowed out tree.

I am probably the most excited about this idea.