It’s Hard Being a Leader

I was looking over my 100+ blog posts drafts.  I am not sure why I have not published them .  I found this one.  I wrote this over 7 years ago and I can still say with a resounding YES that it’s hard being a leader. This was something I wrote to my church-planting husband.
Take that email and let it make you better not bitter.  You are such an amazing learner and I know you will be better for it.
Let all criticisms and compliments from others be the fertilizer that makes our life better.  Criticism sucks to hear but know that Lord has found you successful because you are faithful and obedient.  The Lord knows your heart like no one else.  I am going to share the things I know of you and of course the Lord knows this about you too:
I know your heart is good and you don’t purposely try to hurt others.
I know you pray for people even if you don’t call or visit them in the hospital.
I know you spend hours and hours trying to hear from God so that you can share a life giving message on Sunday.
I know you would never purposely forget or neglect someone’s needs.
I know you would never purposely choose to not say hi to someone.
I know the sacrifice it takes to lead.
I know you are required to give out endless grace but often do not receive the same gift back.
I know you are human with imperfections even when others bail when you are actually human.
 I know you put us first and for that you are our hero
I know you love and care for those you lead.
I know you feel the heavy weight of leading.
I know you personally feel sick to your stomach you when have accidentally hurt someone or let them down.
I know you are a avid learner always seeking to be a better husband, dad, leader and pastor.
I know you strive to be an excellent steward of the resources and people God brings your way.
I know loose sleep over heavy situations and personally carry so much of the burden.
I know are committed to have the hard conversations and I know the courage and integrity that takes.
I know you rise super early on Sunday to pray and prepare the message God has been putting on your heart.
I know you are often judged because people feel you are not what you should be.
I know people make false assumptions about you.
I know you are thankful even if sometimes your outward expressions aren’t what someone expects.
I know you are a good man.
I know how discouraging ministry can be.
I know how a hurtful email on a Monday morning can mess with your whole week. And as a wise man you no longer check email on Monday morning.
I know you are called to this.
I know what you gave up to plant this church.
I know how lonely ministry can feel at times.
I know you are expected to receive others vulnerability and transparency but you are not always granted that same gift.
I know it is easy to want to quit after a harsh comment.
I know you are strong.
I know you are committed to seeing people who feel far from God experience the hope in Jesus.
I know the joy it brings to see a single mom find community and love in our church.
I know the joy you feel to watch a hopeless person find hope in Jesus for the first time.
I know the joy you feel when you watch a life transformed by Jesus.
I know the joy and satisfaction you feel when you watch a young person discover their identity in Christ and begin to live that story out.
I know you are obedient to the call God has put on your life.
I know you are faithful to live that call out.
I know you are successful in the eyes of the Lord.
We believe in you.  Don’t give up and allow the enemy to discourage you.