Dear Mama with Little Ones

I recently sent a card to a mama with 2 little ones still in diapers.  I want to share it here because I believe there is a weary mama who needs to hear this.  Here is what I wrote.

Dear _(insert your name)__,

I vividly remember the season of little ones.  I felt desperate, weary and exhausted.  I wrote a blog post called Running on Empty that shares more of what I felt.

Looking back I have advice for that younger Kimi.  So I’ll share it with you.

“Kimi, would you just sit.  I know you have dishes, email and work to do but just sit.  You are weary and empty because you do not allow God to restore you.  Jesus is the only water that can rehydrate your dry bones.  Your soul is thirsty and desperate for water that will replenish and restore.

Just pause during nap time.  Forget the housework or church work for just 15 minutes. Just sit on the couch, put your feet up and receive the immense love God has for you.  There is no special prayer to say. Just show up and be still and know that  He sees you and that He loves you and your little babies.

Jesus says come to Him all who are weary and burdened and He will give you rest.  You need rest for your soul.  You are so much more than just physically tired.  Your soul is tired.  Please pause Kimi and receive.  You give to others all day long- just sit and receive for once.  Receive his love and ponder the gifts you have already received.  You hold many others through out the day.  Just be held by God who loves you.   Crawl into his lap and rest in that love just like your sweet kids crawl into your lap.

That is my theme this year- just be held.  My focus word is pause.  I want to pause throughout my day, take a few deep breaths and focus on his love for me and the good gifts he has given me.  I pray you find rest, hope and peace in Jesus.

Love Kimi

An amazing song for your weary soul, Just Be Held.  Just know you will likely bawl but crying is so good for our soul.

A book that was so good for my soul- Desperate: Hope for Moms who Need to Breathe

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