Clean Water

today i overheard hannah talking to julie. she wanted to show julie(her 7 year old aunt) a photo she found in my World Vision magazine. it was World Vision’s Christmas catalog where you can buy things like a goat for a needy family, a share of a well for clean water, clothes for kids, etc.  she was confused about a picture of a small boy with a very swollen belly. she said to me, “mama why does this boy have a big belly, i thought only mamas have babies.”  i then explained to her that he is sick from worms living in his belly because he drank dirty water. i told her how many kids get sick and even die from dirty water.  i also told her that many kids cannot go to school because they spend all day walking to get water.  i could see the wheels in her head turning.  i did not want to say, “isn’t that sad, honey” and leave it at that.  i want to teach her to do something when she learns of suffering or injustice and not just ignore it.  back in yucaipa she would support kids in haiti by collecting coins in an old soup can.  her old sunday school still does so but instead of mailing that money back home we decided to make her can a clean water fund.  she decorated the outside with water waves with blue marker.  Her compassion and generosity amazes me.  from a tiny toddler any coins she would find would go instantly into her can for “the kids.”  we even had a big tub in our bedroom where we were saving coins for vacation fund or something.  and she wanted it for the kids.  it was hard telling her no because we needed it for bills.  anyways she has eight dollars so far. we are shooting for one hundred which will provide a share of a well.   i just love her sweet spirit.