My Husband, an awesome dad

This Father’s Day I wanted to think of a word for each kid that described their daddy. Hannah was the only one old enough to understand my inquiry,”Tell me one word that describes daddy.” She said “generous, I have seen him do it(be generous). Because he wants to help Connie get lots of stuff for her new house.” (Connie is a single mom of 2 kids in our church. And our amazing church body was able to round up and provide for almost all her needs to fill her new home.) His heart is to be ridiculously generous and we are both striving towards that. I love that our 7 year old sees his example of giving.

The one word that Joy uses continually for Jeremy is silly. She always says,” Daddy, you are so silly.” One time she told me,”Jesus made you beautiful and He made Daddy, silly.” I love that Jeremy is silly to his kids. It shows his playful side. It displays his gentleness and that my kids feel safe around him and can laugh. I know kids(and adults) who live in fear of their dads because of their tempers and rough personality.
Isaiah’s one word that he actually says whenever Jeremy walks in the room is ball(actually la,la which we know he is talking about ball). So Isaiah associates daddy with playing his most favorite pastime and toy. The kid is obsessed with balls. I love that Jeremy will drop whatever he is doing to play ball with him.
Now it is my turn to share my top 3 words for my husband, the father of my children.
FAITHFUL- In a world where many dads abandon their responsibility of fathering, he has remained faithful and committed to me and our kids.
OBEDIENT- I thank God for his obedience to God. This is the one thing I wanted one day for the father of my children. I prayed for a man who followed after Jesus. His obedience is lived out daily: in his intergrity, honesty, compassion, kindness, gentleness, grace, and so many more ways.
INTENTIONAL-Jeremy is an intentional dad who continually invests in his kids. He is intentional about planning daddy dates with our girls and will one day with Isaiah. He seeks to love our kids the ways they like to be loved by knowing and communicating through their love languages. He seeks ways to be a better dad by reading parenting books, articles, and blogs. The best way that he is intentional in being a good dad is his pursuit after their mom’s heart. He continues to pursue me and strengthen our marriage. The best gift you can ever give your child is a strong, healthy marriage.
Thank you Jesus for Jeremy.