I am Totally Not a Runner

I am not sure why this has taken me so long to realize.  I absolutely can run and that in itself is such a gift to have legs and health to run.

I have done a few small races and I believe I will continue to try to do one a year.  Just because it is uber fun to accomplish something like that side by side with my hubby.  I enjoy the challenge and the way it forces me to train (kind of).

But I would not say that my exercise preference is running.  I feel great when I finish but the before and in the middle of it- can’t say I enjoy.

So I am realizing in order to be very successful at sticking to some sort of exercise thing- I should probably look forward to it otherwise it may be short lived.

There is something I love to do- walking!!  So I never thought I would consider myself a “walker”.  I remember thinking that was just for mall walkers and sweet little elderly ladies.  But now I think those elderly ladies are wise and on to something.

I enjoy walking because it is both a physical and spiritual discipline for me.  It is great for my physical and spiritual health.

It allows me to get my time of silence and solitude each day, which is a spiritual discipline that I want to develop.  I love the quiet and peace.  It allows my heart time to process things and pray and then sometimes think on nothing just enjoy His creation.

I realize running makes it too hard for me to think and ponder.  I know some can do both like my sister who is an amazing athlete.  But all I am pondering while I am running is “when am I done?  …. geez this is hard…. is my 2 minutes of running up so I can take a walk break?”  (If I do ever jog, I prefer the run/walk method 🙂

So finally I am embracing my exercise identity as a walker.  Shooting to take a 30 minute walk each day.  Trying to make that one of my keystone habits.  More on those later.

“The importance of physical fitness is not an issue of vanity, but rather of longevity. 

Being healthy and maintaining a youthful spirit is not about having a paritcular pants size, bra size or some Hollywood movie star body type;  it’s just about finding what works best for each one of us, and sticking to a personal plan (just as we all have a unique purpose, we all have unique bodies).  As Christian women, let’s be healthy and strong role models for other young women to follow.”– Christine Caine from Can I Have and Do It All, Please?